How does the category selection work?

0.A has a new category selection … thing. In the inventory, there is this strange category selection mode which can be turned on by pressing the [tab] key. However, it seems to me that this mode works entirely the same as the item selection mode. I don’t see any difference. So:

[ul][]How does the category selection actually work?
]How am I supposed to use this?
[*]What is the point of this?[/ul]

IIRC the big thing was so if you needed to move down to an item you didn’t have to arrow your way through the entire inventory, but could select the proper category before switching back to normal mod to select the actual item.

It works the same it did whole that time in AIS (Using spacebar there):

  1. Hit TAB.
  2. Arrow down to category you need.
  3. Hit TAB.
  4. Arrow down to item you need in that category.

Previously, having lots of items in the inventory, you had to go through the whole list. Now you need much less keystrokes to get to the same item.

I was not even aware that it is possible to use the arrow keys in the inventory. I usually use the hotkeys, this is way faster. But good to know anyways.