Using RC Car + Bomb

So, I tried to use the RC Car + Bomb trick to take out two mil search lights with an EMP grenade.

  1. Make radio activation mod
  2. Attach to EMP grenade (set to RED)
  3. Attach EMP grenade to RC Car
  4. Use Remote control to drive car next to search lights.
  5. Press Red Button.
    => Click

Then nothing happened. I drove the car back, it still has the EMP grenade on it.

Did I do something wrong, or is it bugged?

[EDIT] It turns out that the range is shorter for the radio activation mod than for the car control. :confused:

BTW, the RC car survived an EMP grenade going off at point blank range. Now THAT is what I call engineering.

IIRC the short range for the radio activation mod is being conservative about performance, since the way it works is it has to scan for matching devices, but that is probably not necessary, and in reality there is no justification for any limit on it at all on the map scale.

From a practical point of view all I want from radio activated bomb range is “further than the Crow II will shoot”. I didn’t actually get to test that this time, as you could sneak up behind a building without getting minced.

The range for this stuff is 30 tiles. Partly because of performance reasons, partly because, you know, it’s a toy car remote control (which isn’t very powerful AFAIK). And 30 tiles is just slightly less than 36 tiles of M4A1’s range (which transforms into 500 meters IRL). Thus 30 tiles is roughly 420 meters which I think is A LOT for a remote of a toy car.

Is a tile really 14 * 14 meters (I know it’s variable, but it still seems a lot larger than other usages, such as for movement which I thought used 2 * 2 meters)? Apart from that, the weapon range doesn’t have to be the same as the range of the AI control’s (sensor) ability to identify targets.

And, as Paul_Blay says, from a practical point of view the use case would be to be able to take out threats from beyond their range. If you can do that only from within their range the use case gets severely limited to cases where there happen to be static obstructions to the enemy field of view and cases where you build your own mobile obstruction (such as using large boxes to hide in).

0.5 x 0.5 meters lines up reasonably with the width of roads and size of vehicles. In the long term, if there is an attempt to make tile size consistent, I think they are more likely to be small than large. Because otherwise it’s going to be hard to rework all the vehicles / vehicle part system.

Nope, it’s not. Honestly this is the first time I ever heard of this (14x14) dimensions for a tile.

Apart from that, the weapon range doesn’t have to be the same as the range of the AI control’s (sensor) ability to identify targets.

It’s not. AI sensor’s ability to identify targets is completely unrelated to weapon ranges. In fact, AI sensor’s detection range is the same as player’s one.