Using mini-flamethrower bionic doesn't count as lighting fire for purposes of Pyromania disad

Playing a bionic prepper with pyromania, I’ve found that while starting a fire with my mini-flamethrower satisfies the fire craving and grants a morale bonus for standing near a fire, it does not grant a morale bonus for lighting a fire. Since the mini-flamethrower is essentially an integrated lighter, this seems like an oversight.

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You sure? Because unless this was changed /very/ recently, I can tell you it’s not true; I believe this might be a mistake on your part. Pyromania doesn’t get treated by lighting fires, but by proximity. It takes a round for this update.


Looks like I was wrong; I thought there were separate morale bonuses for lighting a fire and standing close to a fire. Oops.

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I’m playing a pyro right now and I get a bonus for lighting fires as well as being near one.

Yeah, I’ve been playing a lot of pyromaniacs lately and it looks like I wasn’t just imagining things.

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Also play a pyro. Last i looked its +10 for lighting fires, +5 for hanging out near one.

Strangely, the pyromania doesn’t seem to actually be affected by the size of the fire, I’ll get “it isn’t enough” messages regardless of how much material I’m setting fire to.

I think that Pyromania should also make one wander around with some method of fire making at all times or suffer a penalty.

I’ve always thought pyromaniacs should start with a matchbook.