Use of macros in C:DDA code base

There are uses of preprocessor macros in C:DDA code base, (action.cpp, Line no: 557 is one such instance) which can be easily replaced with templates. I was wondering if there was some rationale behind its usage.
Its only recently I was introduced to this awesome game :slight_smile: and came up with this while searching for how the map generation is implemented, so I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this.

I glanced at the macro in question, it seems straightforward. I’m not enough of an anti-macro zealot to want them replaced with templates just for existing.

Thanks for replying :), I guess me being hit hard has indeed made me a bit paranoid against macros. Well I am not that good at C++ but as far as I know refactoring them is almost always the best choice, I would be happy to submit a pr if its fine.