Map Font Size reset?

Heya, I’ve been having a really bad time, I’ve did a clean reinstall after playing awhile, I was using the launcher and was on O.E stable for a while but decided to clean it out and redownload it since I had a lot of old tilesets that were not longer supported.

After doing so, I noticed that the font size was slightly different on the main menu which caused an unpleasant reaction (Instant headache for some reason) though I’ve gotten used to it mostly now.

I then started a quick game to make sure everything was working an opened my map to find this:

This is different and also caused the above mentioned reaction, I know that the map used to look like this

I’ve been trying to get it back to how it was but I’ve had no luck, I’ve asked in the discord but no cigar there. I know this is a very minor problem, but this has made one of my favorite games almost unplayable for me, and I’ve been unable to make any sort of progress for the last two to three hours I’ve been trying to fix it.

Most of my effort has been aimed at the overmap font width, height, and size, I’ve managed to get it some what closer to what it was but not extactly. If anyone knows the values of the old map, that would be awesome.

Any help is great! Thanks!


That’s cause the characters are as wide as they are tall, you need to change the width for map font to half of the height

As reference these are my font options:

Also the changes will apply once you run the game again


Thanks a ton! This fixed it

Or you can use an appropriate square font type with those ‘same height/width’ sizes and get a very nice clean looking map like in my videos.

Cataclysm Quick Tip : Special Edition : Awesome Font Settings!

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