Unsolicited Lists of Location Ideas

So many potential locations!

Throwin’ a list of them up here. Feel free to add yours to the list, too.

  1. Orchards. We got farms and ranches. How about them orchards?

  2. Spas. Where your wife spends your paycheeck. We know 'em, we love 'em, we spa 'em. Towels and moisturizing facials galore!

  3. Barbers / salons. Small shops filled with mirrors, chairs, scissors, shaving utensils, and fancy shampoo.

  4. Game Stores. Not toy stores (like the mall), nor electronics stores, but honest-to-God board games. I don’t think board games are in the game yet, but they’d make some badass entertainment. Care to play Chess, champ?

  5. Warehouses. There’s a ridiculously-large amount of warehouses in the middle of nowhere in this country. One big, concrete room with tons of shipping crates and God-knows-what inside of them.

  6. Ethnic grocers. They’re different from general American ones. You’ll see 50 pound bags of uncooked rice. And sheep cheese, dried octopus, and dried everything; it’s easy to ship dried ___ to Boston! Might need a few new items - or at least adding sushi as a perishable foodstuff.

  7. Racetracks. Gamblers betting on horses who stand in smelly stables.

  8. Trailer Park. Massachusetts is close enough to West Virginia to have 'em.

  9. “Toy” stores. Lots of leather, whips, “vitality” items, maid outfits, PlayBoys, dinosaur costumes… cough :wink: cough

  10. Strip malls. Ubiquitous in the suburbs, unheard-of in the city and country.

  11. Daycares. Now wouldn’t this be the most useless location in the game?

  12. Retirement homes. Filled with erections lasting over 4 hours, nurses, beds, boring activities, and old-fashioned cigars. A surprisingly-useful spawn spot!

  13. Re-Enactor Meeting Hall. From Medieval Times to an SCA meeting to Civil War Re-Enactors, you have all your Lord Chestermarks in one place. Maybe you can find a Paul Revere hat.

  14. Office supplies stores. Maybe this would be more useless than a daycare.

  15. Arts & crafts stores. Where your aunt goes to buy her knitting and scrap-booking supplies. Maybe Uncle Phil can find expensive paint for his Warhammer 40k figurines too.

  16. House Museums. These are houses which, for some God-forsaken reason, people preserve in their historic state. Usually they’re beautiful late 1800s / early 1900s mansions, 3 stories tall, brick, and OLD. The preservers usually don’t even install modern plumbing, let alone modern heating. Enjoy your Franklin Stove.

  17. “Family” stores. I wonder where all that cocaine came from, hmmm? I wonder… maybe that shady, boarded-up building over there on the edge of town might tell us…

  18. Discos. Blast that Elvis Presley and shine that disco ball!

  19. Hippie enclaves. Hey, man, let’s be all, like, one with nature. Peace, man. Be high… in the sky, man. You don’t need any of that poisoned GMO food stuff, man. Come on bro.

  20. Truck stops. Where you can hang out with other fat zombies.

  21. Tree houses. Run off into the woods, go hide in the woods, bike in the woods, break a few glass bottles, shoot your friends with BB guns, avoid zombies…

  22. Hourly hotels with pretty guests included. Ewwww, that bed has Sheets (filthy) on them!

  23. Theaters. Not movie theaters, mind you; we’re talking fine arts theaters. Bring in some country music, the middle school play, the hardcore rock band, the orchestra. You name it!

  24. Call centers. “Hello. Is this Zombie Steve? Would you be interested in learning about our one-time offer of Welders for the low low price of 3 creation points?”

  25. Post offices. You might not need to mail your taxes with stamps on the envelope, but you’ll surely need to mail your taxes.

Trailor parks are unfiortunately a lot like neighborhoods and apartment complexes. They would have to be coded, and they are so similar to those.

I have a prototype apple orchard, but most orchards in the the northeast are in NY. Which isnt new england

Always wanted them mental asylums or psychiatric hospitals ._.