Unrealistic weights for liquids in plastic bottles

0.A SDL, Experimental 9b31058 (Windows 8.1)

I was playing as a new character (no ‘home base’ or vehicle set up to drop items in) with fairly low strength, and I only had a few pounds of carry weight left because the shelter I spawned in actually had some stuff in it. While looting a house, I picked up a plastic bottle of mayonnaise and was suddenly overencumbered by several pounds. Upon closer inspection, the bottle - which ‘holds 500ml of liquid’ - weighed 8.1 pounds. A quick google search reveals the density of mayonnaise to be around 0.03287 pounds/cubic inch, and 500ml is 30.5119 cubic inches, meaning the mayonnaise itself should have weighed (0.03287 * 30.5119) around 1 pound. Also, by comparison, a gallon jug of vinegar weighs 8.8 pounds (this is much more accurate).
Either that plastic bottle weighed 7 pounds by itself or this is a bug.

Weights for most bottled items seem to be very inaccurate. A plastic bottle of mustard is 5.61lbs, a plastic bottle of honey is 5.6lbs; plastic bottles of water and salt water are actually just over half the right weight at 0.6lbs (500ml of water weighs 500g; 500g is around a pound, not half a pound.)

Thanks, some people ( including me until today) do not know that weight is multiplied by charges. Going to fix.

In Version 74e5b81, the same seems to be true for dried rice (14.34 pounds for 16 charges) and powdered egg (45.30 pounds for 100 charges).