Unarmed vs shockers

I’m trying a puncher for the first time, and of course I’m in misery when a shocker shows up. I thought the nail knuckles’ “does not conduct electricity” would allow me to hit safely, but I guess not? Are there gloves I can wear or other (non-bionic) solutions?

Nope - unarmed attacks are hardcoded to conduct electricity from zapback.
You can wear a hazmat to resist electricity, but it’s a ton of extra encumbrance, you’re better off just grabbing a plank, then throwing it away after killing the zapper.

I am playing an unarmed specialist in my current Twitch series (Drunk Master Mutant challenge) and i deal with shockers (and acid zombies) by throwing stuff at them. It’s hard/impossible to avoid their first shock so if i know i have to fight one i just prepare to take that shock, close the range if needed, and start throwing stuff at it until it drops. With unarmed fighters i usually make sure to level my throwing skill to help with shockers and acid zombies.

Try faraday shark suit or powered RM13 armor.

always thought rubber gloves helped with this.