Quarterstaffs/ conductivity

Well, in a game i just noticed while beating a shocker zombie on the head with a wooden quarterstaff, that i was still getting electrocuted by contact. so im just going to suggest maybe conductivity values of objects / flammability. so when wearing certain objects like wearing a raincoat and rubber boots/gloves should render shockers electricity irrelavent. and maybe other elemental resists for like fire from those pesky tripodbots that murder me every time… that i fight them and not just run away. i think that would just be a nice detail to probably buff items that are not trenchcoats and messenger bags :stuck_out_tongue: even though we all like trenchcoats and messenger bags… just give reason to wear other things other than roleplay purpose like i know raincoats protect you from rain, but if you wear a army helmet it will protect u from most of the moral from drizzle. and perhaps clothes with acid resistance… after making acid relavent to where it would stick to u for a while damaging your clothes more while burning for a while… except rain or water would wash it off.

Wearing rubber boots does not proctect you from shockers. The electricity is going from your arm to your other arm through your body.

I agree that hitting a shocker with a nonconductive weapon shouldn’t result in you getting shocked, but I disagree with “immunity” because they seem to be able to control their projected energy in your general area. instead, I propose that wearing nonconductive equipment can offer a ‘resist’ roll when walking through the shock cloud