Has the brawling style been removed?

i started a character with a good martial arts skill, but i don’t see the brawling martial art, was it removed?

Good martial arts? I assume you mean unarmed. Hit the underscore (_) key and select your style from there. Maybe it’s defaulting to something else.

I can’t say for sure whether it’s been removed or not, I haven’t played an unarmed character in some time.

Don’t you get an option to pick which martial arts you can start with during character creation?

nevermind, i got it fixed, it just wasn’t working as the profession called novice martial artist ( i think thats what its called?)

Oh yeah, that one’s description says it was your first day for martial arts training and you were on your way to the dojo when everything happened, doesn’t it?


Ah yes. For brawling you need to have unarmed of at least three.

Oh, it’s definitely there.

In the current selection of martial arts, Brawling really seems to be a lot better than most of the trained/specialized forms with only a few exceptions.

I get that it should probably be a decent generalized form, but it probably shouldn’t beat out so many other forms in their own specialties.