Unarmed combat trains bashing weapons skill

Basically it’s what the title says. It also happens no matter what style (or no style) i’m using.

Wielding anything? Some weapons that use unarmed skill still do bash damage.

Of course not. I’m not that dumb) Just bare fists.

Just asking…

I was joking. No offence taken. =)

All good. Just plain text is hard to interpret sometimes though.

Do you still have the problem after updating to exp.7377?

No. I should updated my experimental before posting here. I used the older version (from last week).
Sorry for pointless report.

Having this issue with the current build (7404) on excisting and new world.
Razorbar Katars only train cutting skills
Punch dagger train about 75% piercing, 25% unarmed
Cestus train only unarmed.

Using Dragon Kung Fu with 6/8/10/14 stats, tested at various skill levels, as well as with no style.

Changing the various skills around also shows that armed “unarmed” bashing damage scales from your unarmed skill, while cutting/piercing scales from their respective skills.

And on a semi-related note, on scaling of damage through skills:
With melee 3, to see detailed weapon stats, a no style & 6 str razorbar katar is 2 bash 12 cut at 0 unarmed/cutting
With 10/10 unarmed and cutting this is 12/21
with 20/20 we get 28/28

Changing to a style that gives bonus unarmed damage from other stats drasticly increases the bash (unarmed) damage but does not increase cutting damage. Dragon style with 10 int in this 6 str scenario results in 37/28 damage in the 20/20 example

For reference, a similar damage ratio melee weapon; Broadsword, same stats and skill intervals. Unarmed changed to bash
0/0: 6/28
10/10: 11/47
20/20: 14/61

Just curious if the skill scaling and unarmed style stat interaction with unarmed weapons is working as intended, kinda weird for razorbar katar to go from 85% cutting to a 50/50 split.

Cestus also work differently from other unarmed weapons, as its bonus damage, being bash, is either scaling from unarmed skill or no skill at all (The actual damage calculation is too arcane for me to verify which one it is). Either way it does not act like other unarmed weapons, who do scale their bonus damage, although from their respective weapon skill and not the unarmed skill.

So what is the intended purpose of unarmed “weapons”? Bonus damage at the cost of speed penalty or replacement for your fist attacks? What about styles that incorporate kicks? And how are they supposed to scale from skills & stats?