Missing files

Allrighty so I just downloaded cataclysm for my mac and for whatever reason when I try to open cataclysm the debug says this stuff:
DEBUG: Can’t open data/keymap.txt. This may be a permissions issue.
DEBUG: Could not read data/raw/keybindings.json

I think I might not have keymap in the data for some reason

Did you unpack the downloaded archive? It wont work when you start the game from within the archive.

Do the file “data/raw/keybindings.json” actually exist?

you silly goose of course I unpacked it. I found a way to fix it though. just manually opened it with the terminal.

We’ve had a few folks who in fact Didn’t unpack their archives first, so BevapDin was checking the usual problems first.

Hi there.

I’m also a Mac user and decided to bump this since I had the same problem.
As mentioned, opening it manually through terminal makes it work (ridiculously simple solution, but I would never think of it by myself, thanks!)
However, since I’m not too tech savvy, is there any way of making some kind of executable or shortcut that would do this for me? I’m not that lazy; I’m willing to open it manually if needed, but it there could be a way of speeding things up, the better!
For a moment I got really worried thinking that I might have to compile the game manually, which is something I have no clue how to do (I am saving this kind of patience for installing Incursion someday). I remember reading about tricks for compiling on Mac on this forum, wherein it was mention that “Mac is the least supported platform, since almost nobody uses it”. It is a shame that nowadays with so many people using macs, people still think that we don’t exist and I do hope more roguelikes will get the example from those who support Mac, like Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Brogue and Incursion.

on linux when i type something like: ./games/catadda/cataclysm
i see the same.

so i guess that the binary needs to be run from the cata folder.

i haven’t ever used mac, but considering the similarities with linux, i’d guess you have three options (but i don’t know how to implement these on a mac. google them)

a) create a shortcut wherever you wish and use as “target folder” the cata folder.
if not possible you should be able to:
b) write a script that cd’s to cata folder and executes the binary. run the script from wherever you wish.
alternatively, you could:
c) Add the cata folder to your $PATH, basically enabling you to run the binary form every open terminal, as if you were in the catadda folder.

Isn’t the [tt]cataclysm-launcher[/tt] script supposed to take care of that path problem? What happens why you run that file?

The script has been broken on mac for a long time for some reason or another (for at least as long as I’ve been here). I’ve always been meaning to take a look at it, it’s most likely a simple little fix, but I’ve never gotten around to it.