Typo in pudding's description + A question

"Sugary, fermented dairy. A wodnerful treat."
I’m not really sure anymore. What’s the general consensus on where to post bug reports? Github or… the bug report subforum? If I wanted to make a big report of a bunch of small things like frozen burritos going in the first hour of the game, should I do it here?
I’m not sure if frozen burritos are meant to do that, to be honest. Maybe they shouldn’t be frozen anymore if they’re to the point of rotting.

…Frozen Burritos aren’t supposed to rot… The cooked ones will, hold on…

I just checked, they spoil in 60, which is just as long as the TV Dinner, so something’s not right. Same for the cooked.

As far as a “big report of a bunch of small things…” is concerned, either on github or the forums, hell if it’s all spelling errors you can DL Notepad++ and fix it yourself.

Weeeeell there’s no saying that particular house didn’t have it’s power cut for the longest time already. Or that it’s got freezer burn from nobody eating it pre-cataclysm. :J

I don’t see the typo in the pudding XDD If you could inform me what it is that’d be nice >.=.> put the foodstuffs expansion in

Edit: …found it… I’ll patch it in the next chunk of the expansion…