Types of flying Vehicles

Hey people.

Thought about setting this up to start discussing on the types of modern flying devices that may come with their inclusion into the game.

From Helicopters, Propeller planes, jets, air balloons and Blimps. A maybe even crazy flying saucers if the lore permits it.

This is the place to start.

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Don’t forget about the mighty gyrocopter, the sheer number of bodged together single seater mini copters in games and movies means they can’t be wrong!
And jetpacks! If there’s power armor, there’s gotta be jetpacks, right?


Ow I’ll love a gyrocopter. Flying around, snatching loot, flying off before fiends could catch me, and a few hearty explosives to drop off as farewell!

Jetpacks could work, especialy in Aftershock.

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What is the point of this discussion? We already have a proof of concept of helicopters. At some point, fixed wing aircraft and static lift vehicles are going to be added. Talking about things that could be added isn’t as useful as providing research on lift equations and/or code to implement new things.


To dig into things more. Like will there be a Mi-26, crop-dusters, AutoGyro, Seaplanes, biplanes, Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor or just general abbreviations of those.

So like a fun areo club, but for the cataclysm, heh.

I mean, will CDDA be including all know flying objects? Not including the UFO sort, heh.

Actualy, that brings to mind another question. Will there be drone as well?


There should be flying drones as enemies. Modern day US military already uses them on a large scale for some time and robotics and AI in CDDA are more advanced than here. Likely automated flying drones would have been deployed on a large scale during the cataclysm and turned hostile just like the rest of the robots.


Hoverboards, civilian and military version wouldn’t even need a vehicle but could just be added as a item.


edit found better source with some spicifics:

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Quadcopters could be interesting as well, probably mainly exploration but possibly limited item pickup/deposit.

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Killer Drones, Hoverboards and Quadcopters; Now those sound cool. Just add some guns and explosions to kick them up a notch.

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The automated tanks drones are already a nightmare to deal with and the single most dangerous entity in the game. And you want to add a flying version of that?

BRILLIANT idea! Should give those people that complain the game is to easy something new to deal with.

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I feel like y’all shouldn’t just gloss over this.

Asking “what will be added?” Isn’t even an effective question. You won’t get an answer that will satisfy you.

You may not be able to code, but doing research and providing information may be able to help coders save time when they do want to add said flying vehicles. Just my two cents on this topic.


Of course! An to start, one needs to find examples to work from. Else, would you like to start from scratch and work on pure imagination?

To start on that, lets take the Mi-26 Halo Helicopter. Mentioned as the heaviest helicopter in the world; With a starting weight of 28200kg (with no additional weight), going as far as 56000kg for maximum takeoff weight. Any additional weight would potential cause problems or prevent takeoff.

Though of Russian origins and a odd placement in a area like New London, it still gives potential information on how you’d be able to code additional helicopters, both of existing designs or custom.
With this being a working design for heaviest Helicopter, coupled with information on weight + lift, we could determined the overall limit players could strive for when it comes building helicopters. I guess you could say a hard cap to put it bluntly, a limit on how heavy a helicopter could be or how much additional weight they could pickup from loot, before liftoff becomes unfeasible.

On other device topics, there is also the gryocopter, a light, minimalist design, considered the predecessor for the helicopter.
A the Zapata Flyboard Air TM, a real life “Hoverboard” and Green Goblin impression. Commissioned from the French Military as a assault platform; Yet due to the noise generated and the challenges of learning to fly this, it is consider not ready for application.
Now in a universe that is statistical advance in some forms, you can see how this design could have implementations within this intended form.

To concluded, this page is in part intended to explore candidates for flying devices and their design applications, to further understand their limitations and potential use.
Unless the intended goal here is to build a singular flying device called, “Flying object 001”, with no references of any particular design and no chart on the how and why it can fly.

If you’re talking mainline, it is going to be restricted to modern aircraft that exist in new england in meaningful numbers, and styles of aircraft it is possible for survivors to craft. If you’re not talking mainline, you can cone up with whatever criteria you like, but please be clear which you’re talking about.

This means the vast majority of exotic aircraft are out, because they do not exist in meaningful numbers. For example neither the heavy lift helicopter nor the flyboard mentioned in a previous comment would have any meaningful chance of being discovered in the dda scenario, so we’re extremely unlikely to add them.

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Coolios, will sea planes be out of the question as well?

Guess that’s a stupid question, sorry. A thank you for taking the time to clear that up, I’m sorry I couldn’t summeris this better.

I am curious for more information for what will count as mainline aircraft’s and what that list is so far, if you have any information on hand :+1: .

I don’t mean to be rude, but isn’t the answer to your question in the post you are replying to?

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It leaves a lot to assume. Like will this mean we can expect an F-117 Night Hawk in a science lab somewhere?

It’s a modern aircraft, that can exist in New London thanks to the increase in military tensions.

From what i understand technology in dda isn’t meant to be limited to what exists in the modern day but also to near future technology especially for the military. Given that some of these exotic aircraft like the flyboard i mentioned that do exist but aren’t adopted in meaningful numbers. That might change in the near future. Escpecially for the ones being developed right now for military use. You could reasonably expect to find them as rare loot in military locations since the military would be one of the first to adopt them in meaningful numbers.

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So while others are debating hoverboards (I can’t help but think of the pink hoverboard in Back to the Future) & spy planes, I was wondering about something from the other end of the spectrum - ultralights. Would they be considered common enough to be part of the mainline game?

Some are fancier, more high tech and even look like mini aircraft but then there are the ones we called grasshoppers where I grew up, that look like some pipes and a tarp sitting on a few wheelbarrow wheels. A lot of them run on regular gasoline. They cannot be over 254 lbs unloaded or have more than a single seat to keep the ultralight designation, so they’d be more for recon or for the lone wanderer type in-game.

Just thought they might be a good fit, especially for players like me who normally would choose a horse & cart over some behemoth death mobile.

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