Turbans! Turbans on every head!

Why is it that I can wear a turban (normal layer) at the same time as apparently any other headgear that also takes the normal layer, when I can’t do that for apparently any other clothing item for the head?

More specifically, where is this ability indicated in the item’s description?

Adjacent to this question is my now-familiar request that the Craft Menu Search Function includes an option to search by clothing layer (eg, close to skin, normal, outer, strapped). Whatever tag that lets turbans do this should also be in that (as-yet-unimplemented) search parameter.

Might be because it counts as soft while most helmets don’t. Doesn’t make any sense but how the game handles materials has always been a bit odd.

I’m wondering if it’s some kind of volume / order limit.

well, a lot of hats it seem cant be used if you’ve got something in the outer helmet slot… you can, for example, wear a turban, a scarf, a balaclava, a headlamp and a CRIT helmet, cause they cover diffrent bits. (turban being basically just ‘some cloth you wrap around your head’)

but if you attempt the same combination with say, a tricorne or a boonie hat, then you dont get that option because its a bulkier hat type… heck, even something like the french maid hat, which is literally just a headband and some fabric, doesnt let you.


IIRC encumbrance is the main thing that prevents you from wearing multiple hats on the normal layer. Turbans have low enough encumbrance to allow them to be worn with other headgear.