Different properties when 'Fitted'?; & The Ben Hogan, an Awesome Hat

when fitting an item can only encumberment change or is that just the only stat that they choose to change?

The reason is I had an idea for a hat… While i was wearing it. :slight_smile:

The Ben Hogen
Volume: 3 Weight: 0.25 lbs
Bash: 0 Cut:0 To-hit bonus: 0
Moves per attack: 71
Price: $25.00
Material: Cotton, Leather
Covers: The head.
Layer: Normal.
Coverage: 65% Warmth: 20
Encumberment: 10
Protection: Bash:3 Cut:3
Environmental protection:1 Storage 0

A hat made of thick cloth with a leather bill. The cloth connects to the front of the bill instead of the back.

This item can be Fitted

when fitted this happens
The Ben Hogen (fitted)
Encumberment: 0 (fitted)
Storage 1

Now that this fits the bill would make a good pocket.

my own hat can fit a couple large Granola bars which tend to be volume: 1 items. So i stuffed some stuff inside and wore it all day forgot i was wearing it, when i remembered i took it off and everything was still there. but win i was wearing it loose instead of wearing it properly everything fell out.

Anyway hope you all enjoyed this thought bunny i had fun writing it up.

Would be silly if every survivor would wear lots of hats for the sake of storage.

Cool idea, but maybe an activate switch-flip like the scarf would be more appropriate for this. Also, I recently learned that helmet netting has storage. Hoarding helmet nettings now.

Maybe taking the baseball caps and giving them glare reduction when fitted would be good!

Good point but u can only where 2 of the same item, and the more u where on the same layer the higher the Encumberment.

So maybe give it Encumberment: 5(fitted) but it might not be necessary given the way layering on the head-slot works.

Either this or an extra mod for the tailor kit could be to add extra storage for encumberment. Seems realisticly possible to me.