Tunnel Questions

I thought it would be cool to make some tunnels, but had a number of questions. How does one prevent cave-ins. What triggers a cave-in? What is the most effective tool for making underground tunnels? Is there a way to deconstruct metal doors?

I asked a somewhat similar question about tunnels, and it seems that bombing them won’t cause a cave-in. So far, I’ve had made a tunnel that goes from one point to another. In-game time it take around four and the half hours to go from one place to another while dragging a wheelbarrow. So far, no cave ins have happened, so it’s probably safe.

Aside from that, jackhammer seems to be the fastest way to get it done. That four and a half hour long journey is pretty much a narrow tunnel. Used about two plastic jerrycans filled with gasoline to dig through that far.

Wait for z-level collapsing buildings. Cave-ins won’t happen until then.

About that, was wondering about one more thing. If I were underground, and happen to tunnel through river tiles, will I suddenly get flooded?

Nope. They act the same way as on the surface.

guys, you probably just need to switch to dwarf fortress, at least for a while =D

ok so cave-ins only happen when you knock down walls then?

I’m trying to bring attention to wiki, so I wrote an article for cave-ins:

tl;dr Cave-ins happen when buildings (not caves) have parts destroyed. Caves don’t have cave-ins yet.

most efective digging tool is sonic resonator if you have old character what remember labs stuffed with hostilles do not need to care about power alslo restoring it is cheap just eat that useless fire extinguisher

The delicious fire extinguisher.
I used an electric jackhammer to dig out a large space and a bunch of tunnels out to various parts of the map, not a single cave in.

only roofs can cave in. caves and tunnels have no roof.