Trying to read starts lightining storms

I’m using 0.C stable, SDL version, windows 7.

Every time I try to read skill books, a storm starts and I’m unable to read without the flashlight. This is a game breaker bug, since it prevents us from advancing in the game.

Are you sure you haven’t just been really unlucky? AFAIK there is literally no way the two of those things are connected in the code.

You are Thor. When studying.

That’s just bad luck.

Considering how long is 0.C out, it’s highly unlikely that no one wouldn’t have noticed that yet.

There should be a trait for this kind of stuff.

Lifts book, to charge it with lightining, then stamps it on the ground, causing thunder

Well we do have Mjölnir as a debug item you can get after all. :stuck_out_tongue: