Trying to enter hellmouth at max depth locks game

I was actually trying to break the game here by mining down to -10 and seeing what would happen if I tried to dig further. Apparently you guys foresaw this and made it where you aren’t allowed to dig down if your already at maximum depth.

However, when I used reveal map I noticed a hellmouth nearby at max depth. I teleported over and found stairs leading down. When I tried to descend the game displayed the following.

DEBUG: Error: tried to generate map for omtype , “nothing” (id_mapgen )
press spacebar…

Pressing spacebar doesn’t do much.

Admittedly this glitch probably isn’t that bit of a deal. Those rifts are pretty much impossible to find without cheating, and who would dig around that much, that deep?

Also… did you guys change the entrance to the hellmouth? the max depth one looked slightly cooler than they typically do.

Hellmouth’s have a few different entrance formations.