HWS Elevator

So, I got the quest to descend into hell a hazardous waste sarcophagus and find out what happened to the military team. Got the code, drove my brand new deathmobile over to it, entered the code in the computer, went to the elevator, and, well.

What did I do wrong/how do I fix it? I know it’s a broken quest, but I’m really well equipped and want to explore a new place.

Yup, seen it.

If you have a pickaxe, a jackhammer and enough ropes, you could probably dig around it.

Yeah, either debugport down or mine your way down. If the elevator was working, you’d need another code item to get back up, so yeah.

Digging down probably won’t fix it. That is the message displayed when a path down leads to solid rock. Something probably got jacked up with world gen, you’d have to dig down or debug check to be sure. I’d say debug yourself in a new code and look for a new sarc to explore.