.9 Ma - could not find monster by type

Having an issue that is very repeatable. When wandering inside Science Labs, after descending a floor or two (usually whatever floor Mi-go are on) I get a debug message stating, if I recall correctly, “could not find monster by type”. The debug isn’t clear-able by pressing any keys, so it basically causes me to Alt-F4.

I’d reload before the Lab, and run through again, and crash at the same spot even with a freshly generated floorplan.

It didn’t ask you to press spacebar? Sometimes you have to do it a lot.

It did, but nothing really happened when I pressed it, the screen didn’t even flicker as if it moved on to a new message. I didn’t think to mash it a bunch of times.

I’ll run a lab again and spam my spacebar for a bit and see what happens.

It’s faster if you hold it down.

I though we had fixed this. Most likely cause is that there is a typo in the monster groups file or the lab mapgen file that calls a specific monster group someplace.