Truckload of Books package


New books have been added!

A huge (more than 80 new books) increase in the variety of books in-game, including skill books of varying levels for all of the game’s skills and a ton of new novels and entertainment books.

There’s far too much new stuff to list here, check out the Git link to see all the digital details.

Whoop whoop!

For those who don’t notice, the link to the git page is in the “Status merged” thing in red.

Let’s make litter out of those literati!

That’s too clever, you’re one of them!

I approve very much. Are there any new recipe-giving books?

Lovely! New types of morale books are very nice, but I have yet to find any new skill books (aside from that computers magazine).

No new recipe books, but I may do a recipe book project at some point.

New stuff will still show up in random loot spawns like zombies drop, but all the stuff that’s just lying around is generated when the map tile is first generated. If you’re copying your save file between versions, you won’t see new stuff that’s been added spawning in buildings unless you travel far enough for the game’s map to generate new areas that you have never seen before. If you start a new save file you’ll find new stuff from the very beginning.

saw these in the changelog. do the non-skill books do much? in the past, the non-skillbooks dont add much morale, so i just ignore them. also how does this affect the spawn? if there are more types of books, and all books are randomly placed, doesn’t this make finding useful books harder?

i think books that don’t give skill should give more morale. could also be based on traits and intelligence.

i do like the mod rivet.

There’s loads more useful books as well as entertainment ones, and they’ve been added to lots of different item spawn areas.

So finding useful ones should actually be easier now.

My ultramegaortographical me is bothered because some of the books are not in Mayus. D:

i think the entertaining book sshould give more morale. Does anyone find the entertaining ones useful? i have found they give so little morale they are not worth picking up.

@rivet: your on fire with your commits… wondering if your a furloughed government worker. (kidding).