More books!

There’s a very limited selection of books available. And, the experience of finding them is generally not a fun one very soon into a game. You often have to look at stray books but you just know it’s all crap or rather, stuff you already know or don’t plan on learning through reading. I think the literary side of loot could be more interesting not to mention, stores that keep books more diverse in their stock and in turn, engaging as a result. I don’t think the extra effort cruising the aisles checking out books would create an added burden. The inclusion of these new items would be trivial. The most work would go into their details - how they’re worded. The community could have some fun putting the new items together, using this forum, maybe the Facebook page and I’d say, definitely /r/roguelikes, for further exposure (and another opportunity to mention the Kickstarter).

Combined, the books in place are very practical in their design. Overlap in levels learned is avoided and you collect them in a series, moving on from one to another with each particular skill. I think there’s room for books that cover a minimal one or two levels, scattered across the range. Even a few covering relatively high levels, i.e. over ten. Players could aim to use these, when the time comes, to break up the monotony of raising particular skills. Some may even just enjoy collecting all of the available books.

Suggestions for their titles, descriptions and skill levels provided would be good to hear. Unless this is a terrible idea. I’d encourage a touch of humour, possibly subtle references here and there to the game’s influences and other greats in the roguelike genre. Again, tongue in cheek, maybe references to characteristic, relatable experiences in game. Don’t forget their effect on morale, either. Books are a great opportunity to add a bit of personality to this game. Not that it’s lacking! Lets hear it.

They’re only easy to make, in the JSON file /data/RAW/Items/Books.JSON just copy the type of book you want the skill to train and modify its name description and values.

for example heres one of mine"

{ "type" : "BOOK", "id" : "ZSG", "name" : "Zombie Survival Guide", "max_level" : 1, "description" : "A book written by Max Brooks.", "weight" : 1, "to_hit" : 1, "color" : "blue", "intelligence" : 0, "symbol" : "?", "material" : ["PAPER", "NULL"], "volume" : 3, "bashing" : 3, "cutting" : 0, "time" : 30, "fun" : 2, "skill" : "survival", "rarity" : 0, "price" : 900, "required_level" : 0 }

I want to find a joke book.

To serve man.
Just brilliant book.