Triffid Troubles

I was using the latest stable Windows build and had an odd situation occur. It seems like a bug.

Basically, I established a base in a Public Works that was about 12 map squares south of a Triffid Grove. I went up there and took care of the grove by killing the Heart, which I was given to understand would mean that the local Triffid population would eventually die out.

Instead, I found that there were more Triffids than ever around my base when I returned. I took off exploring another area of the map so that they would de-spawn. When I came back, there still seemed to be a few Triffids around, but not so many that I was concerned.

So I retired to my base to read and then went to sleep. I got woken up in the middle of the night by a Triffid which had either spawned inside the closed room I was using as bedroom or had somehow learned to use doors.

After killing it, I turned on a flashlight to see that 95% of the visible local map was covered in forests & shrubs. My makeshift bed was on one of the half-dozen squares within sight range that was not converted to forest. There was a Triffid Queen within view and at least 6 more nearby, and their forest effect had literally covered the entire area around my character. It was a massive rectangle (the spawnable zone around me, I guess?) of shrubbery that used to be a Public Works and part of a Road. All while I was sleeping.

Now, I understand that “Dynamic Spawn” only affects Zombies, and Triffids spawn based on noise, but what noise was being made while I was sleeping?

And why, after I had supposedly done what was required to decrease their spawning, were there so many more Triffids than before? I used the debug reveal map option to see that there were no other Triffid groves nearby. Was it just a fluke? Or does clearing out the grove have no effect on spawning really, and I just got unlucky?

From my understanding the grove adds to the Triffid Dynamic Spawn Count, when you destroy it this number stops going up, how old your world was before you took it out will determine how many triffids are still around the general area.

Right, destroying a grove or spire just stops their numbers from increasing. You have to do a little gardening/ extermination to actually cut their numbers down, but with the grove gone their numbers will never replenish.

Not sure why your safehouse got invaded, but dynamic spawn does that sometimes, if you drove home from work, they might have spawned just off screen and were around when you went to sleep.

Ah, I guess my understanding of how it works was wrong. Next time I will do more intensive gardening.