Trapping, hunting, working dogs... oh my!


Loving this game! I have just started a new character as a kind of woodsman, hunter build and was wondering if anyone has thought of more ways to make wilderness survival more in depth. I usually just get either a slingshot, sling or bow and kill animals but this time I thought of going for more of a trapper type build. I had a few thoughts on the outdoorsman!

Not sure if I am doing it right but I have a bunch of light snare traps up with no wildlife going near them (attached to young trees). Would it be possible to have a mechanism such as in “Don’t Starve” where your chances of getting game in traps is increased if they are baited? You could sacrifice say wild veges or fruit to the trap for a better chance to attract game and some meat. Depending on your trapping skill the game could either: get trapped (yum), escape, or escape and break your trap.
Larger traps for larger game ect.


This is pretty good anyways but I had a few idea to make it more in depth. Insted of using your pocket knife to cut fur into leather you would need to construct a tanning frame. This could make leather in a day or two.
Beef jerky could be make from stick frames (like drying rack in Dont starve).
Maybe a tracking ability?? (made easier with dogs)

Working dogs:
I have noticed that the normal dogs follow you around and it got me thinking about being able to feed them meat to befriend them. They could them be used for a number of things such as: Collecting killed game, scouting, guarding a campsite/house (barking if anything comes near), have a pack of dogs to help bring down ninja bears!
Having them as help would require constant feeding & watering but could be a great benefit.

Other random ideas:

Digging holes lined with tarp to collect rainwater. Depending on amount of rain and size of holes determines amount of water.
Craft bigger tents
Digging dams
Farming? not sure if on the cards

I know there needs to be some incentive to go into towns ect, but having fun surviving in the woods could add a bit more to the fun :slight_smile:
Anyways just a few random things I was thinking about. Awesome game guys!

Find meat, find vegetable (in bush - forest square, depend of your survival skill, look at it), find water and make dog food.
Then (a)pply dog food to the dog. Now he is friendlyand will fallow you if he see you in range.
he will also attack everything in sight that is not friendly to you, like squirell to Hulk.
Small forest mobs is easy for him to take down (and even the first Z)
but because IA sucks like for other npc he will most of the time go out of range of you and die because of whatever bear that wander around. Still a quick way to find a lot of corpse to butcher because of his speed really hight (outspeed every unit in the game atm from far away)

Also no change for the IA soon i think; because of how hard it is and they may have better to do atm.

Trap work but mob don’t spam into and do random move. They may also do not trigger trap and even avoid it if they see it (per sheck, maybe).
Trap hight level mean the mob may not able to see it. But still hard.
Tought, you should more put trap around the base your using, so if something annoying spam near you, it can help fighting it.


  • door
    @ you
    P pit trap
    o other trap
    B bear or whatever annoying

put a plank on the pit at right side, so it avoid you falling into. Then remove it after and mob may fall into trap if he isn’t from the right side. Try changing where trap are to avoid this, not hard to work around.