Lures, baits, and callers for specific wild animals

Since animals can’t eat and players can’t track animals, I think that adding various lures, baits and callers would be nice. Of course a caller for bears shouldn’t lure a moose etc. I’m wasting the half of my day on searching for a bear, giant spider, moose or deer. It would be nice to have the possibility of luring a specific animal in order to save time. The chance of success should be small but it still may be a better way of hunting

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I would love for there to be some extra options and specifics to hunting. Being able to hide in a tree and use calls/bait to lure and/or discourage certain animals and monsters. Even a rudimentary camo system(That would take a little time to do but could later mature into something really neat).

“In the spring we hunt duck, maybe some cat, in the summer moose and more cat, and the fall. Well thats when me and the boys go Migo huntin’. Makes the best jerky, them Migos. And boy do they love the smell of cat, really makes it easy.”

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I hope that trap and hunter system be more like the game Unreal World or Don’t Starve,so we can use trap do some cool things.I think it not hardcore enough now, too.