Translations WTF-2019+ Thread (currently: plural for zombie type names)

This thread is for asking about any bizarre strings you don’t know how to translate.
So if you come across anything weird or confusing while translating, post here, and hopefully someone will be able to clarify.

Previous WTF-thread was last posted over 3 years ago, so I suggest to start new one.

in Transifex master-cataclysm-dda I see similar names for batteries, e.g.:
“light battery” and “light battery cell”. And the description for them seems to be the same, the text has folowing DEVELOPER NOTES: “~ Description for light battery ~ Description for light battery cell”.
Are they two different entities, or maybe one of items is obsolete? Do I need to translate both?

Though I do not code. Could be best to translate each object individually to avoid programming errors when objects overlap.

in master-cataclysm-dda (Transifex) I see 2 similar strings:
“You have no butchering tool.” #32276
“You don’t have a butchering tool.” #23398
Can we combine them somehow into one entity? Or let’s add a comment/note for translators if these two are different, to make them able to distinguish between meanings?

I actually can’t find where in the code “You don’t have a butchering tool.” exists. So it’s probably not feasible to combine them. There isn’t a difference in their meaning, either.

There are multiple similar strings for gorwing pots, e.g.
“garden pots (growing oats)” #7586
“garden pots (growing buckwheat)” #7576
And so on. Is there a way to split and unify those strings? Something like that -
“garden pots (%1)”,
“growing %1”,
“ripe %1”
and then just insert oats, buckwheat and carrot in code? It could reduce number of strings and simplify translation

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+1 to this. There are also numerous basecamp strings like “northeast tent, northwest bed, we should build northwest tent, we should build southwest shack from metal, we should build southwest room from wood”. It it possible to reform them in the same way?

%1 %2 (where %1 is a location, %2 is a building) from %3 (%3 is a material).

I’ve noticed that now zombie type names now have plurals (e.g. acidic zombie, acidic zombies etc.), while in previous “0.D-cataclysm-dda” pack there were only singular names (“acidic zombie”, and that’s all for this type).
Please confirm that this is expected change and everything is OK :slight_smile: