Transhuman Scenario

As in the title, a scenario where you start post-threshold. You were privy to the numerous horrors that went down in the deep labs, and were one of the few subjected to some of the more extreme experiments that survived. Just before the cataclysm, you were rigged up into a containment unit for transport and loaded into an unmarked cargo truck for an emergency evacuation to somewhere called “The Vault”. The truck somehow managed to get smashed en-route, and one of the survivors (perhaps foolishly) decided to help you from the wreckage.

The scenario classes are one each of the post thresholds (you pick one), and you’d start post-thresh have a large number (possibly randomized) of that tree’s mutations (as if you’d been subjected to vast quantities of the related serum.)
You’d start in or near a wrecked cargo truck, with possibly more wrecks, somewhere on a road or near a town or some dangerous area. There’d probably be fire hazards nearby, and you would be in a subject suit with not much else, possibly some other disadvantages like mutation withdrawal or something.

If you have static npcs on, then I guess it’d be implied that npc is the one that helped out. If you have them off then I guess it could be implied that they fled or something untoward happened to them.

Would probably cost a number of points and have limited trait selection, too.

This feels like it could easily be fit in a mod:
-Create threshold professions with specific mutations.
-Create scenario:
*Would need to create wreckage starting location
*put the fire nearby flag and maybe surrounded flag.

Anything I missed?

Professions have gradually been heading this way for a while. We’ve already got some mutated professions, plenty of military ones and bionic assassins.
No reason not to have some post-threshold profs.
Should have a pretty high point cost though just for the sake of balance though depending on the mut category.

I’m against randomizing the mutations you get on chargen though-- it’ll just encourage savescumming.
Maybe make them all genetically unstable, so you’ve essentially got a timelimit to find some purifier.

Yeah it would work as a mod. I was just suggesting in general.

I’d just give them all or most if not all of the tree (good and bad), though genetically unstable can be as easily a game ender as a game runner.

If you really wanted a good idea of what you’d need to add trait wise, just make a new character and spawn a bunch of a specific serum and a syringe, and dope up until you feel like you’ve gotten enough traits for the scenario. Then write them down and make that what you get.

I’d just, go through the tree and add most of them, then give them like, infection and give high mutagen withdrawal, start them off in their jimmies and a subject suit with nothing but a makeshift knife and their new friend/(distraction?) by their side, crawling out of a burning wrecked unmarked cargo van full of various research materials and corpses splattered everywhere, possibly also surrounded by whatever the cargo truck crashed into.

You’d have the mutant scenario trait choice, though it’d be cool if someone could add to the source a flag that greyed out traits that would cancel or counteracted with the traits your profession started with. That way you can pick genetically unstable if you want.

It’d be nice if the scenario started at midnight and as close to the actual lore day of the cataclysm as possible. If not, I’d probably force world to start at night anyways because I like sneaking around.

4-6 points cost?

Very far into mod only territory, we’ve said many times that starting with extensive mutations is very anti-lore and problematic, and the two lab scenarios are specifically examples of “this is as far as it goes”.

Well there’s not really a separate suggestion forum for mods, unless you consider the lab one?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t post/discuss it, just confirming that it’s in conflict with lore/balance for the main game.

How about just having the threshold mutation as a trait and no items but a subject suit and shoes?