Transferring Characters

Is there any way to move your character from one version of the game to the next? because i got a lot of stuff done on the 0.4prerelease and i dont want to start all over, but it would be good to get the new stuff from the later versions in.

Unfortunately not, no.

However, a lot of the changes moving towards 0.5 and 0.6 are changes designed to improve how saving is handled, allowing for character transfer between future versions (hopefully).

Alright, thanks for the info and i’ll be looking forward to the changes.

Good to hear; looking forward to it.

You can sometimes transfer saves from one version to a slightly-later version. Someone on IRC opened a save from 0.4 pre2 in 0.4 proper, and said it worked.

I can confirm that anything from 0.4 or earlier won’t work in recent Git builds, though.