Trading Ideas

I was thinking about how trading works after a very one sided trade with a NPC and thought up several ideas that might be able to work in Cataclysm.
(not a coder so i don’t know how feasible this would be)

There should be certain objects that should be worth more depending on the situation, for example at the beginning of the game some NPC’s that still the believe the government will come and save everybody will accept money for trades,(at a higher price perhaps?) and some NPC’s that don’t accept money at all for trades and instead barter as we have it now. Over time as more people lose faith in the cash cards they should become useless except to get into vending machines and that stuff like that. The mid-game should be as it is now, items for other items with a value for each item(this could/should be reworked, bit unbalanced at the moment in my opinion). Finally When factions are implemented they ideally should set up their own currency if they are strong and secure enough.(not sure on what it could be but something, rocks perhaps?)If you trade with a faction that is strong they should prefer to use their currency if possible but they should do the barter system if they have to.
I realize the new currency system will come later because NPC’s still need work, but i would like any advice on my idea.