Tracked Aisle

Probably not something that could be easily done, but maybe it will give someone an idea.
Tracked Aisle: A simple aisle-way with tracks for pushing/pulling around an in-vehicle cart. Tracked Aisles have no container space but take up the vehicle space reserved for containers. )To prevent container collisions) The carts which can be crafted onto a tracked aisle can only move on tracked aisle, attempting to pull them elsewhere results in collision same as pulling a cart into a wall or furniture.

Thoughts? Brainstorms off this idea?

You had me so confused until I figured out that you mean ‘aisle’.

I’m not sure how feasible your idea is codewise, but it sounds good on paper.

Would require very specific hardcode, just for that one feature. Grab/pull code is a bit of a mess, even after multiple fixes.

sounds good, nice addition for large vehicles with cargo bays

yea I figured that would be the net feedback. Still should be easier to code than overlapping vehicles or vehichle towing.

Apologies for the isle-aisle mix-up. Fixed it.