Aisle with lights and no floor: Bug or operator error? (0.C stable)

So I’m trying to build my first mobile workshop/home, starting with an RV and modding it heavily (obv). I put a few tiles of ‘aisle with lights’ in the middle row of the cabin, but for some reason whenever I try to drop any gear on the floor it falls through to the ground. Is the aisle object supposed to be a floor or ceiling object? I couldn’t install any other floor-type item on the same tile.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there another option for interior lighting that runs off the vehicle power?

I’m basing my answer purely on my own experience, but, in a vehicle, I have only been able to place items within a container. Examples would be a cargo carrier, trunk, or box. The key being that for any container to work properly in a vehicle, it must be mounted to the vehicle’s frame. Putting items anywhere else results in the items dropping to the floor and will be left behind should you drive away. I hope this helps. ^-^

Yeah, I figured it was something like that. I reconfigured it to have floor trunks in all unused tiles except one aisle with lights. Probably better for battery life anyway.

An Aisle doesn’t have any storage capacity-it just allows you to move faster through your vehicle. What you want is a Floor-trunk, or any other storage capacity thing like a cargo carrier.