Town Details

One think that I think would be a great adiction to the current map gen is adding more details to towns.

Here are a few prop ideas:

-Road Side Trees;
-Bus Stops (with information regarding other towns for example maps);
-Garbage Cans;

I do imagine it’s rather hard to make a map gen that doesn’t look weird and sometimes we do find things like windows with a wall in the inside but I’m sure these would look rather neat.

I have seen windows that are walled in already irl nothing special :stuck_out_tongue:

I would imagine you could use garbage cans like shopping carts if you find them around houses’ front yards.

If they are the regular kind, I don’t know if they would be useful as water-tight containers.
Probably just plastic or scrap metal.

Well the garbage cans arround here are like that. Its fairly easy to contain water in them. You could even if you so desire gather rainwater with them fairly easy w/o a funnel. I don t know about new england region though … or the states in general for that matter.

Ah yes. Trash cans have a lot of potential in this game don’t they?
I wonder how many plastic bags and paper wrappers they will end up having.

i wanna cart arround a trash can filled with acid and topple it in the face of a horde rawr xD

I can confirm that at least two states(Vermont and Maine) in New England use(d) such containers for trash thanks to some google searches. Also learned that there’s apparently a band named “Municipal Waste” but I shouldn’t really be surprised at that, nor is it terribly relevant to the topic at hand…

well i like idea about trees (and bushes) near road

They see me rollin’, they hatin’ :wink: This could actually be implemented quite easily - we already have 30 gallon barrels - make them into a vehicle part thaty can be mounted on a wheeled light frame and voilla ! One rollable garbage can ready.

The regular kind, as in the thick metal sheet ones ? These could also be rolled - flip them on the side, fill them with scrap metal and weld the lid shut rolled, for example. Such a non-steam roller could be an extremely mean weapon to be pushed in front of you (is this possible in terms of game mechanics ?) and an even meaner one when mounted on a vehicle.

In my facility-spout topic, I’ve thought about doing such a thing with the press rolls from a paper mill, but a garbage can filled with heavy stuff could do the trick as well.

Back to the topic:
Light posts might not be that difficult, depending on how the game handles road junctions. Also: road/rail junctions !

PS: Arek_PL: Wy z Polski ? ^^

PS: Arek_PL: Wy z Polski ? ^^

Tak, i ja też :slight_smile:


Oz. :smiley: Miło poznac - juz wydawalo mi sie ze tu polska spolecznosc troche wymarla (ostatni wpis na pod forum z maja)…