Telephone poles, downed power lines, stop signs, traffic lights

Where are all these little details? They kind of break immersion. Not much, but they should be there in the city. And you could smash them for scrap or copper wire.

Anyone think that’s a good idea?

Might be a job for after z-levels are implemented.

Ooh … I can foresee a heavily mutated survival wielding a stop-sign. lol

Fun fun.

I wholly approve, and also suggest:

Mailboxes, newspaper boxes, lightposts, bicycle racks, those big grey electrical junction boxes, fire hydrants…

Also sewer grates where the sidewalk meets the road. Bonus points if small items disappear when dropped on one.

[quote=“Dominae, post:3, topic:4422”]Ooh … I can foresee a heavily mutated survival wielding a stop-sign. lol

Fun fun.[/quote]

Sign car armor? Sign platemail? The possibilities are endless.

This would make for a very (un)living world.

Very much wanted! I always found the streets to be eerily empty.

Also, driving becomes twice as much fun if I can ram stop signs into the next wall while doing so.

A “Mine field ahead” sign would be nice, with several landmine buried behind it of course.

I would kinda find it annoying that I might run into stop sign or a lightpost…

It would also be cool if you could reconnect things to the lines and run your own generated power to different locations.

These sound like cool little additions!

Better yet, follow the lines to the powerplant, oust whatever beasties are lying in wait and make it your new home.

How about fire hydrants as well? A source of drinking water, if handled correctly? Or they create massive water spills if smashed or run over?

Yeah… But as for drinking water, I’m not sure if fire hydrant water is safe.

Powerlines and things would probably require a huge amount of work (if they were to connect up for instance), but id love to see more random flavour around the place.

Not so sure about fire hydrants having pillars of water. City pipes are kept under pressure from pumping stations. These stations need electricity. No electricity, no broken fire hydrant fountains, because there is no (or little) pressure in the lines.

Not even for the Rule of Cool? Dang it logic.

Yeah, a zombie apocalypse sucks doesn’t it. :wink:

I’m not saying they have to be functional. DOWNED power lines was the key phrase in that sentence.

All of these would have about as much functionality as the radio towers. They’d be like, for flavor. Like pepper adds no nutritional value, but if you crash into it in your car, it makes for a good soup.

Well depending on what kind of power lines you’re thinking of, they could be sources of low-level electronic equipment (eg. wires).
You’d need some way to take them down so you would either need to be in the mid game (explosives) or have some ingenuity (fix up a car just enough to ram it down)