AIDS - reduces sickhealth by 50 forever!

Best PTSD article I’ve found.

Hm, How about Malfunctioning Nano-Robotics? Can both be A starting Disease, and A possible fail of bionics, What happpens is, the bots slowly die off, but in that time they screw up your bodily functions, vomiting, Bleeding, wounds, etc, and tons of pain.

Another one chould be Ebola, Black plague and rabies!(Yes!) And maybe Mad cow disease!

A few that could have good (read-interesting) impacts in the game and have relatively straightforward causes:

Kuru (Harman Hambagaz. nuff said.)
Diabetes (teach you to live off junior mints and lemonade!)
Trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness, fly bites ftl)
Tetanus (damage from moving over sharp debris or whatever it’s called)
Tapeworm (eating raw meat)
Mononucleosis (doorknobs… well, maybe not.)

Once NPCs are more abundant I could also see the more typical tuberculosis, dysentery, cholera making an appearance.

Diseases as a game mechanic are terrible and don’t add anything to the game.

Dude are you trying to troll or what?

Anyway, I could see the game getting more diseases once NPCs are in. However, tetanus from cuts on metal and cholera from bad water would be nice to see and would make antibiotics more important.

So expressing contrary opinions is trolling now? Is that what it’s come to? Not once have I gotten a disease and thought ‘This adds to the game; the game is better for having this mechanic’ and none of the suggestions here look to change that.

How does it not add to the game? This is a survival game, and people will get diseases in this kind of situation. It encourages you to not do something stupid like walk around in the rain for an hour with no shirt on or drink dirty water from a toilet.

Also it seemed like trolling because you gave no evidence of why this does not add to the game, maybe I was wrong.

The way I see it, coming down with an illness in C:DDA is no different from having a shortage of food, or suffering injuries, or losing your favorite weapon; it’s an additional layer of challenge for the player.

On that note, I’d like to see more common forms of infection in-game. As it stands, all we have for that is the weird ‘zombie infection’ you can get from being bitten by the undead. What would be slick would be the risk of coming down with something like a nice case of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or tetanus if you get mauled by a wild animal or gouge the heck out of yourself on rubble and fail to treat it. Perhaps we could include a small risk of developing Bacillus anthracis as a result of handling all those dead squirrels, or transmissible spongiform encephalopathy from eating the flesh of contaminated Cervidae.

tl;dr - I’m all for adding diseases, infections, and general maladies to the game. It’s fun!

Tapeworm, tetanus, blisters, depression all sound like good ideas.

On the positive end we could have a case of incurable giggles, increasing mood as long as it’s present.

If we’re gonna add depression and people are probably gonna get bent out of shape on me for this but I suggest we add in a suicide function. After a long period of time with negative morale of course. (More/less with a trait?)

Just saying.

Press Q.

Im pretty sure Ekarus meant to ask for a feature in which the game lures you into commiting suicide, or alternatively removes the prompt from pressing Q and makes you commit suicide immediately.

I thought that was already in the game and would happen once your morale gets too low?

I remember there being conversations about it on the past and I think some of the main devs want it and some dont, but as its not a very pressing matter I think they have never concluded anything about it, perhaps I recall incorrectly though.

MERSA is pretty uncommon unless you’ve already got it and don’t know it or you’re hanging out in hospitals or prisons a lot. Regular old staph infections would make sense though.

It also occurred to me that while CDDA is supposed to be set in New England, there are a few other disease-carrying critters that could be interesting: Squirrels (black plague, in the American South at least) and Armadillos, which often have leprosy.

On the subject of whether or not diseases add something to the game- I’d say they do, as long as they’re implemented properly. I agree that arbitrarily coming down with something that kills or incapacitates your character is no fun, so all of these should be preventable, relatively minor, or treatable with some doing. (even if treating leprosy just means replacing stuff with bionics… hmmm…) For instance- it should be relatively hard to catch tetanus from stepping on things if you’re wearing combat boots (or any other footgear with the “tough” descriptor)

I remember reading that was supposed to happen somewhere, but I can’t find it now so it was probably another game or my imagination XD

Ways to prevent:

  1. tetanus - don’t step on glass shards or through broken windows, wear tough boots
  2. tapeworm - cook your meat
  3. blisters - wear socks, don’t get your feet HOT
  4. depression - don’t go mass-killing child Zeds

Depression is a tricky one because yes, child-killing can get depressing from the crippling morale blow; but stagnation can be just as crippling after awhile. Which would be difficult to code. “Ate Cooked Meat for the hundredth time this year” “Woke up and read SCIP, again.” “Made wooden arrows all day. Again.”