Tools Not Being Shown In Crafting Menu (0.C-20170-gaf4179b (tiles))

Came across an odd bug earlier, for some reason some tools are not being shown if they are in proximity for crafting purposes. This happened after I updated from 0.C-19849-g1b41747 (tiles) to 0.C-20170-gaf4179b (tiles).

In this first pic you can see that the recipe doesn’t notice there is a HP&DS for the tool requirement, yet does for the charges it needs for it.

As you can see the HP&DS is in close proximity, I also have a Food Co Buddy 2 squares away.

As you can see in this image it says I have no pair of metal tongs, yet I do a pair in proximity as is shown on the 2nd image.

Not sure if this is of any help but the two tools shown on the 2nd image were newly aquired in 0.C-20170-gaf4179b (tiles), yet the other tools weren’t.

Seeing a similar issue on O.C g3247f41. In my case it is not detecting some crafting components in tiles near me or in my inventory, specifically electronic components such as power converters, amplifier circuits, or heating elements.

Showing it is not detecting the components.

Components are in inventory. Not shown are a number of the same missing components on the tile next to my character.

I fixed an error of this kind earlier today.

Try newest version.

If it still happens, check if the tools/components don’t suddenly appear when batch crafting.

Thanks Coolthulhu, that seems to have fixed the issue for me.