Tool Belts & Crowbars

Crow bar is a two foot object, which is pretty reasonable, but the tool belt can only accept something up to 50 cm, which is 10 cm shy for a crowbar. In real life I can definitely stick a crow bar into my tool belt. What gives? To have a crowbar you now need to carry it around in your hands, or checks notes put it in a BOW SLING …

I feel it too, in version 0.D, I could fit a sawed off in a holster, but now it won’t fit in an XL because it’s maybe 2-3lbs too heavy.

I worked on a bunch of the weapon weights and such, it may need further attention.

If the Road Warrior has taught me anything, it is that a person can stuff a sawed-off in a quick draw holster DAGG NABBIT!!! Thats gotta be a mistake! :grin:

Joking aside, you should be able to fit a over-under double barrel sawed off shotgun in a fast draw holster. You may not want to do it. But you can do it.

Especially the kind of holster that would have release buttons with the thigh lasso. The double barrel side to side though, is a no go for sure. The over-under is like a long pistol. It still remains flush to the leg. A good example is a large blade like a bowie knife at 14-18 inches.

A fast draw holster should not be meant for only small firearms either. Button clasped holsters can hold large guns while intentionally “popping” them open on the fly to draw quickly release the gun is a thing.

Instead of drawing the gun upwards. You give it a quick yank and it will free the gun. Button clasped is not weak that it would allow it to drop or come loose for those that don’t know.