Sawing off shotguns no longer works

As featured in the screenshot, sawing down the barrel of a shotgun does nothing to reduce the length of the weapon, thus making it unable to be stored in things like an XL holster. I don’t recall if item length was ever a concern for anything before Nested Containers, so I’m assuming that this has to do with that.

Still shaves down weight just fine, though.

What version? A fix was merged 9 days ago.

This is how the mossberd 500 (field) should look like after sawing off the barrel.

Well, shit. Must have missed that one in the changelog. My bad. S’what I get for holding off on updating because I didn’t want to redo all my personal changes, I suppose.

Still, looking at it, I can’t say I see that there’s any point to still having the ability if all it comes down to is taking off three inches of barrel and half a pound of weight. I used to cut down shotguns because it gave me more options to carry them than a sling. What’s the point of doing it now?

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