Sawing off shotguns no longer works

As featured in the screenshot, sawing down the barrel of a shotgun does nothing to reduce the length of the weapon, thus making it unable to be stored in things like an XL holster. I don’t recall if item length was ever a concern for anything before Nested Containers, so I’m assuming that this has to do with that.

Still shaves down weight just fine, though.

What version? A fix was merged 9 days ago.

This is how the mossberd 500 (field) should look like after sawing off the barrel.

Well, shit. Must have missed that one in the changelog. My bad. S’what I get for holding off on updating because I didn’t want to redo all my personal changes, I suppose.

Still, looking at it, I can’t say I see that there’s any point to still having the ability if all it comes down to is taking off three inches of barrel and half a pound of weight. I used to cut down shotguns because it gave me more options to carry them than a sling. What’s the point of doing it now?

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a pound of weight
realistically sawing off shotguns is best done with shotguns that don’t have a magazine if you saw off a pump action there’s a chance that even if you stop cutting in the right place you’ll be shooting your own mag but a double barrel you can almost cut to the front of the shell without too much worry (at the cost of range/accuracy)

Wouldn’t you start cutting off the barrel from the underside so you could be sure of not touching the magazine? It’s not like it’s hard to see where the magazine tube is on a shotgun.

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Kind of curious. I understand the shotgun barrel is specific to each gun(how much it has to be able to remove). But sawing down a stock would make just as much sense to squeeze into a holster no?


It would be kinda clunky on a thigh, yet still plausible. Like the Mad Max sawed off. No other thoughts from me. I just liked the topic of jury rigging random items to do other stuff xD

PS- this ain’t mine. I got from googling mad max. So pretend the box is not there lol

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If you google shotgun pistol holster, there’s are examples that don’t look -too- awkward. At least they don’t look like they’re out of a Mad Max film.

Sawing off the stock isn’t always feasible. If you saw the stock off a KSG, you will ruin the gun.

But for most shotguns, you can saw off the stock. It doesn’t really make it easier to fit into a holster, but it makes it a little easier to maneuver the gun and draw it from the holster. It also makes the shotgun a lot less accurate, because now it doesn’t have a stock. I don’t know if CDDA allows you to saw off the stock, but it’s something that could be added if we don’t. I mean, someone could submit a PR with code to support that and we’d be happy to review it and add it to the repository.

I mean yeah but look at most shotguns
you’re removing what two inches of barrel? a pound is pretty generous all things considered and it’s not too much shorter either

If you cut off a standard 26" hunting barrel down to legal limit, you’re cutting off 8". It’s a pretty significant difference.

hmm maybe if you also sawed off the stock you could get away with a “shotgun pistol” surely you can make some kind of slig for a gun a little over a foot long