Too many military bunkers [6024]

Creating a new map creates way too many military bunkers, and some are even off roads (which I don’t think is intended)

This is most prominent if you set city distance to 8 (I looked at 8 ‘end of road’ buildings, and all were military bunkers), but even with default settings I am seeing far more than usual.

Starting a new character with default settings and I have 20 military bunkers (two off-road) within the ‘Reveal Map’ zone. For comparison, there are 5 evac shelters, 11 gas stations, no farms, and 1 mine. Next attempt: 20 bunkers, 6 shelters, 9 gas stations, no farms, and no mines.

I also noticed this, as i play with city spacing set at maximum or near maximum. They are goddamn everywhere

This seems to be fixed in 6038. The number of bunkers has been 7 or 8 (which is more than half) in three attempts, but I don’t see any patch notes on what could have fixed it.

[Edit] Actually, it seems to be an intermittent problem, and might actually be because there seems to be slightly more long roads. Sometimes there are 20+ Labs, sometimes there are 20+ bunkers, and sometimes there is a nice balance[Edit]

Wasn’t there a mod which placed bunkers in the wilds?