Too many bionics

I have too many bionics and the letters a to z are used up, screen isn’t big enough to fit that many bionics.
The screen tells me the next letters to activate are []~ but doesn’t tell me what are the next keys to press for the next bionics.
What are the next keys? I can press keys until I find them I guess.
Anyway to take screenshots?

I don’t think the bionics page is set up to handle next pages, so you might not be able to activate them. They should still work if passive.

I just hit printscreen then paste it into paint or paintshoppro or something. Not very fancy but it works.

The next key is backspace, couldn’t find the one after that.
Have to pick which bionic to install carefully until this is fixed.

Well, it’s technically never going to be ‘fixed’, as we’ll be implementing a system which only lets you install a limited amount of Bionics per body part.