Remapping bionics?

Is it possible to remap the keys that my installed bionics are mapped to, and if it is, how do I do it?

Not yet. Simple answer.

I hope this is implemented at some point. It’d be good to be able to map active bionics to accessible keys, and leave the obscure symbols for the passive ones.

I would be happy with 3 or 4 shortcut keys that can be mapped to specific bionics.

Very happy

This is very much at your own risk, and not recommended by anyone I’m sure.You can technically edit your (playername).sav file in a text editor. The bionics are listed in a glob of text, should look something like: 0 38 bio_climate a 0 11 bio_heatsink b 0 1 bio_metabolics c 1 89 bio_tools d 0 0 bio_hydraulics e
As you can see, they are listed alphabetically, a through e in this case. You can change those letters to your preferred designation. One thing to watch out for, new bionics will always be given the letter after the final bionic in the list, and I haven’t been able to rearrange the order, only the activation key. PLEASE only do this if you don’t care if you lose your save at some point. I do not know the long term ramifications of doing this. That said, I have rearranged most my bionics and have not had any issues after several game days.

This is becoming something of an issue for my current character:


Some of the symbols that have been assigned to the later bionics don’t even exist on my keyboard, even if I were using a font that could display them.

I’ve tried four times to edit my save file in Notepad as Tal suggested, but each time, when I attempt to load the character the game quits. Fortunately, I did keep a backup.

Okay, using a proper coding text editor instead of Notepad sorted out the crashing, and I’ve managed to re-map my existing bionics. I guess I won’t know for sure if I got it right until I install a new one.

I do hope we see an in-game way to do this in a future version - it’s a little nerve-wracking doing it this way.