Manual navigation in the bionics screen

I have a dilemma: my current character, Marloss Man Reborn, has installed all but one of the bionics. He has so many that I have run out of keys. But I want to be able to use Fusion Blaster. I can’t select it at all without a key already bound to it. My solution is this: add the ability to navigate the bionics menu with the arrow/number keys. I can assign the bionics that I want to use keys that way.

afaik, you can move the bionics list up/down

also, passive bionics do not need keys assigned to them.

The problem isn’t that I can’t see the bionics, it’s that I have run out of keys. Also, passive bionics still get keys assigned to them so you can examine them.

I could have sworn you could already do this with the arrow keys + enter. :\ If not it’s definitely something that should go in.

can’t you reassign keys so that the active ones will get the keys (meaning that passive ones will lose them?)

also. what i2amroy said.

If a bionic doesn’t have a key, there is no way to select it to give it a key. The arrow keys only scroll the screen up and down.

Github issue created: #9221

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Also congrats on getting ALL the bionics. Lol.

[quote=“ArikVhedrovix, post:8, topic:7438”]Also congrats on getting ALL the bionics. Lol.[/quote]Thanks man.