Toilets can only contain water?

So apparently the toilet can only hold water and allow you to retrieve it. Not even clean water just regular water. I found out when I thought since clearly I don’t have enough watertight containers atm I though why not store my gallons of fungaloid cooking oil in the toilet so I can craft lamp oil only to discover that I cannot use said oil but at least it is clean.

Only in Cataclysm can you say ‘I just wanted to store my cooking oil in the toilet’ and not get laughed out of the room.

I’m not sure why toilets can’t hold anything else. I thought maybe that the water is spawned in through code and that the toilet isn’t actually a container. But looking at the furniture items, toilets have the “LIQUIDCONT” flag. I’d guess that it’s a one-way container, allowing you to access its contents but not replace them. Erm, I mean, you knew that, but I mean ‘maybe furniture can’t have liquid dropped ‘in’ it without just dropping them on the floor, but can have fluids placed safely there for retrieval through the code’

Or it’s the game’s way of telling you to start hoarding jerrycans.

Made me think he wanted a big ole pile of crap or a puddle of piss in the bowl. sigh One can hope for the future -_-

That is the thing though you can put more water in the toilet and be able to retrieve it, just not any other liquid. I have a feeling it’s a situation similar to how pipe bombs work with there being some non json information that is specific to the furniture id f_toilet.

I actually ran into this problem as well.
I wasted a whole gallon of clean water due to it. I somehow didn’t die to death from thirst despite my sudden lack of sources of hydration. (I don’t think I grammered that very goodly)

This. It is a super-hacky piece of super-old code from the times of Whales.