To whoever made the vehicle mod

You want to add this…

I was sorely tempted to add legit canister shot for tank mod, yes. >w>

Can you mod in a round that leaves behind an explosive charge that can detonate to hit multiple target?

Hmm. That is something I wish I could manage. If ammo can be set to have a use_action it MIGHT work, unsure.

Holy crap. The thought of just blasting a large group of zombies with that… So satisfying.

Sadly, “ACT_ON_RANGED_HIT” doesn’t work for ammunition. I tried.

Oh right, I recall that thread.

Coolthulhu never did explain when I asked about the idea of an item that returns to your hand when thrown, using ACT_ON_RANGED_HIT.

And either way, even if it DID work like that, it would also work via throwing the ammo, which would be derp.