How to build field cannon from 120mm tank cannon?

i need to build draggable field cannon which i can use without driving the tank.

1 first build car 1x1
mount cannon
add accumulator (dunno for)
add management system (sorry i do not now exact name)
also i add external camera with display

in the menu of the manage of the cannon i have
examine car

i case drive and have
switch light
cruise-control on\off
remember position
set targetting by turret
set fire by turret
aim manually

and no nothing more. there’s no fire option. no big red button :frowning:

how to fire? i want to deal ba-bam-bang to all W green meanies (like blue meanies in “yellow submarine”) in the underground vault.
maybe i need to add some other system?

Does the turret have ammo on its tile?

It might be silly, but are you pressing F when next to/above it? You don’t shoot from the E menu.

nope. ammo yet in cannon. i recharge cannon with ammo in my inventory.
or ammo need to be in tile of cannon? okey i try this.

will report.

i empty my hands from any weapon.
it works… :slight_smile:

heh. so sad… so sad. because there’s no High-explosive incendiary ammo for 120mm tank cannon.
Shrapnel shell - not as good as it named - it’s a 00-shot for the cannon. and kills only one. :frowning:
shoot only one zombie from the cannon, Carl!!!

shoot from the cannon by the sparrows - there’s no more stupidiest things i can imagine.

the tanks mod adds HE shells

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