Tire Iron vs. Wrench

I’m pretty far into my game. Not far enough for blacksmith stuff, but pretty far for vehicles construction. And I still didn’t manage to find a goddamn wrench. Almost every car trunk has a 17" wheel and a lot of trunks have jacks in them. The thing is, there should always be a tire iron at least in every third or fourth car I check.
Why did we make wrench some kind of a magical wand doing its job equally perfect in changing a tire and engineering projects.
That totally makes no sense. If you want to balance the game by making vehicle construction a later game stuff - I’m pretty fine with that. But at least let me change the damn broken tire with a special tool.

By the way, I’d like to see anyone changing a tire on a modern car with a wrench. Good luck with that, fella…

Okay now I found a gunsmith repairing kit and it has bolt turning 2 which means I can mount tank turrets and change tires using it. Feels strange.

Gunsmith kit has a wrench in it. If it really bugs you, you can disassemble it. Had to do that in my previous game. This game, not only can I not find a wrench but I also can’t find a gorram hammer.

I think rocks can be used as a hammer. And you should be able to make a stone hammer pretty quickly.

Yes, but they only provide Hammering 2. You need Hammering 3 for a lot of things.

True. I usually like to start with a class that has the integrated toolset bionic because of how annoying it can be to find tools. I’ve been there and done that, and I see no reason to repeat the experience. Tooling up and building all the equipment you need to actually make things is tedious enough without having difficulties finding a goddamn soldering iron.

The pre-cataclysm society of this world was very addicted to disposable consumerism and a reliance on others to deal with repairs and such. The DIY ethos was very rare, as such so are many basic tools.

I like creating a character that is a likeness of myself. It’s a really fun way to play besides being good excuse to debug myself things like a multitool and a backpack, since I rarely leave the house without these sorts of items IRL.

Been thinking about doing this when my current dude dies. Do you start with a brand new world?

I always have trouble finding wrenches but my current game i wiped out a small horde and got 4 multitools, several watches and cell phones, and a wrench. Usually ive found once you find one wrench suddenly you find a ton.

I actually like the concept of current experimental’s pockets. cigarettes, watches, smartphones and stuff. That is logical after all. And my nicotine craving can finally be satisfied whenever it occurs.

I start with the robotics prodige start,very high crafting skill and a Craftbuddy so I need specialized tools for specialized work and I also have a friend to travel with me ,:]

What’s a craftbuddy? I saw it in recipes but never had a chance to see one. Is that some kind of robot?

I was happy to find fire station with fire robot inside. I parked my car there and closed the garage door. What a place, I thought. Free light around the clock to read and craft.
That was until I went to sleep to find out that clumsy fucker destroyed all the lockers together with door levels and my car stuck inside. Stupid piece of junk!

I hope that craftbuddy you mentioned is a bit smarter.

It’s an ultra Rae item from a robot expansion mod’s it when inactive it is a multi tool with all the tool box fiction’s and more it is an anvil, hotplate,wrench,chem kit,can make zombie slaves with high enough skill and is a gun/clothing repair kit, and a crowbar when activated it follows you as long as it has line of sight,zombie attack it and it is VERY fragile to the point that it can get extremely damaged by a zombie child easily, it is extremely rare and by it’s description that says it is used by workers in mines or oil rigs I think so probably you find then on mines or labs,also it is huge having 50 liters of volume and about 10 kg (I use the metric system because I like it ;’-’:wink: but yeah probably the mod item ever, I really don’t see drawbacks on it as long as you keep it away from zombies when active it can’t carry stuff also,in the deadpeople tile set I has a cute smiley television instead being an bizare lunar tripod

Wowsy! That sounds neat! Gotta keep up looking.

What does actually ‘salvageable robots’ mod add in addition to that buddy?

P.S. I’m from Russia, so metric system is what I use and love :wink:

Cheater pipe. Done.

Wait… How does a Russian not know about Cheater pipe? Your slippin :stuck_out_tongue:
In game tools can be a hassle, but I’ve always liked how it made the game feel kind of soft-tiered and semi tech restricted while you don’t have the means… right up until I want a thing and can’t build it or find it.

I know about cheater pipe of course, but the thing is with modern tire I doubt you will be able to latch your wrench on the bolt head:

I start a new world for every new character, but that’s largely just personal preference.

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Well, we have perfectly good canon for things that aren’t in the game though.
“______ is what a filthy Chinese commie would use”.
See? Doesn’t that fix a lot of in-game problems?

What about a wrench for construction stuff, tyre iron for changing tyres and a ratchet/socket set that can do both?