Wrong crafting recipe?

I was just lucky enough to find and insall an integrated toolset which appears in almost every crafting recipe.

I checked my available recipes in order so sort out the tools which now can be replaced by the toolset.
It occurs that in some the WRENCH and HAMMER are replaced by the toolset
for example in the
RV kitchen unit recipe, the toolset replaces a hammer, a wrench, a hacksaw and even a welder if charged.

But there some craftable weapons which still need an extra tool.
The crossbow still needs a wrench and the chainsaw still a hammer although the wrench can be replaced again in the chainsaw’s recipe.

I am wondering if this is intentional or a bug/error.

[font=georgia]Im guessing its a bug, a weird one too. Doesnt it usually just say ‘integrated tool set’ for the crafting recipe? Not hammer etc checked off when you have it?[/font]

Well, I did not try to craft the “wrong” recipes yet but I assume that for example a wrench is still needed for crafting the crossbow.

[font=georgia]Huh, that is weird shrugs itll probably be fixed in the next version[/font]

Yeah, eventually we want to move away from hardcoded lists of tools, and just specify tool functions and quality levels (like “cutting”, or “hammering quality 2+”). At that point, we’ll be cleaning up the tools required in recipes, if it hasn’t been done already.