Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


I think fishing is based on survival. I find it distressingly easy to exhaust the supply of fish in an area.


Which explosives are good to open locked lab rooms and what is the easiest way to craft them? I failed the hacking on a number of lab doors and dynamites are useless against them, while the C-4 is an overkill. LAWs are dangerous to use because i can’t target the doors in the narrow corridor.


Have you tried a fertilizer bomb? IIRC it’s got better yield than a stick of dynamite.


I usually tunnel around with a jackhammer or TP through.


I die with in 2 weeks or less almost every game and I never get to clearing more then 5 or 6 houses or buildings and I’ve been playing this game off and on for a year. I’ve watched the guides, the videos, I have hotkeys set, I read the wik (super outdated but sometimes still has good info), and I don’t add a crazy amount of mods or OP my stats with the debug menu at the main menu. What am doing wrong? Is starting as a basic evacuee, with 2 skills, and 9 or 10 in most stats not the way I’m supposed to be playing? Am I supposed to change the settings so I can use more points then default? I don’t want to cheat, I want to play the game the way it’s meant to be played,

But I get rekt, every, single, time. It’s killing me, and I love this game. What do x.x

Above is my basic character that I made as a preset because I die so often. I even set the world defaults for NPC’s on as default because I die so often…


Trade survival for dodge. Dodge is hard to train until you get loads of armor whereas survival can be trained in five minutes by (e)xamining underbrush for forage. 2 points in dodge is also a substantial increase to your survivability. You can also take some disadvantages to grab more skills, but otherwise your build is the adequate barebones stuff needed to explore the early game until you get a feel for it.


Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll do that when I die this game.


Let me know how it goes. I personally learned the game without ever doing the evacuee start so take everything I say with a grain of salt.


Generally what I roll with but It mostly comes down to knowing when to cut and run or battle it out ex. Don’t fight battles you can’t win. The rest is just experience but hey if all else fails savescumming is a somewhat respectable last ditch effort.


Wow, epic car. What is that blue beam? A plasma rifle on your vehicle?! I wanna be there someday. I got super lucky just now!

this location is really close to the evac center. I even got a shopping cart. I’m tossing everything in it and preparing to board up the grocery store and use as a home base. I need to be really careful as I love this location already. I think my main problem is I try to rush through the early game because I’m tired of it and I get killed. I think I need to slow down. I’m not your typical rougelike gamer, I come from a background of FPS and simulation games.


Slowing down is a great idea, can’t tell you how many times I died by rushing its a UPS rifle from cata++. Some tips: Get inside cars when fighting spitters the acid puddle can’t affect you in a car it’s also good for shocky guys to a degree. Run from brutes if you can, low levels WILL die(unless a shotty is involved). I’m more of a deathmobile kinda person so stationary bases are kinda meh for me but I will sit and farm for awhile to get good stocks.


My best deathmobile killed by a rogue blackout it will be missed *cue funeral march


Thanks for the tips. I know little about the outside world in this game beyond the starting area, so for now, I’m just going to stock up on stuff until I feel like I can make a drive with some supplies to explore

edit: just saw picture. Wow, incredible. These things, to me, seem impossible to reach, so your amazing at this game to me


HA! I’m pretty much a newb myself I’ve never really made it to late game and keep resetting due to… circumstances. Thanks I appreciate it. Do you play with mods?


Just the Dino mod, but not always. Dino’s are pretty rare even with it on. It’s pretty fun, probably way out dated. Oh and satsthroughskillsIV because from all my reading a lot of people recommend it, aside from some hardcore types that dislike it.


] Sorry can’t really figure out a way for it to be not as obnoxious but here’s what I roll with


hahaha, lol nice. Looks like my Fallout 4 Mod List


Pshhh look at my Rimworld mod list GEEEZZZZ


I’ve had no success with explosives in labs at all myself. Locked rooms like that I most often explore by teleporter or probability tunneling bionics, once I have them to work with.


But anyway I survive mostly with cheapness with a side of slightly stupid…My favorite