Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


120 mm APDSDU works well :slight_smile:


Off the top of my head? You’re getting overconfident, trying to take on more than you can handle, not paying attention to things like pain and encumbrance that slow you down. Of course, I can’t see how you play, so this is all just spitballing. Dodge is really nice for when you start fighting, but early game should be much more focused on evasion and escaping a bad situation rather than trying to punch through it.


Do new enemies spawn in already-explored areas? Or is it theoretically possible to clean out an entire town?

Also, how does the “evolution” work? I know that over time, enemies will get “stronger” somehow, but do they literally change type, or does it just spawn more difficult ones more often, or how does that work?


Zombies don’t respawn if you have killed them and pulped/butchered/burned their corpses. With wandering spawns on more zombies may come from another area giving the impression of them spawning, although they really just came from the neighboring town. In any case, it is perfectly possible to clean out an entire town of zombies if you are willing to spend the time and effort (depending on the size of the town this can be either trivial or require a lot of work).

Triffids, Fungi and Ants will spawn endlessly in a certain range around their home unless you kill their “Queen”.

Wildlife also spawns continuously IIRC at a very slow rate.

Evolution means that zombies grow stronger over time. For example; Brutes evolve into Hulks, Spitters into Corrosive Zombies, Boomers into Huge Boomers and ect.

If you want to see evolution in action you can debug a Zombie Master somewhere with a few zombies and watch what happens :wink:


Cool, thanks.

Meanwhile, apparently broken cars don’t provide the same protection from acid pools on the ground as other vehicles. Just barely managed to survive a spitter attack… Here’s to learning the hard way!


Is there a reliable place to find solder? I’ve been disassembling electronics to get what I need, but it’s frustrating, time consuming, and only gives a pittance


Electronics shops are your best bet until you hit a lab. Then you’ll probably be rolling in solder.


Electronics stores are the best place to find solder. They come in rolls of 200 I think. I don’t believe it can be crafted.


This isn’t specifically a game question, but what are the rules about posting info about videos and streams of the game here? Is it acceptable to make a thread for that, or is there a centralized thread for it, or is self-promotion a no-no?


I’m not sure why we can’t craft it from lead. Pure lead solder is a thing.


I don’t think there is any pure lead solder. I’ve worked with lead-tin alloyed solder, which could be craftsble given that we can craft steel wire and insulated copper cables from scrap. I don’t think I’ve ever come across tin in game but I heard it exists.


Depending on what exactly the topic of the video or stream is.
Generic “let’s play” would probably go to the library sub-forum, anything related to specific topic can stay in that topic.


A friend of mine is streaming the game now :stuck_out_tongue: He won’t be doing so regularly, but if it’s okay to create a thread, I’ll go ahead and do so. I’m sure he’ll appreciate having more people watching who can give him tips, he’s very new. :laughing:


Tin cans.



Modern “tin” cans are actually made of steel.


If I have the Eater of the Dead mutation, can I drink regular, non-clean water without getting poisoned?


You sure can. Giardia gives it a nice spicy flavour.


Construction question: I’m trying to roof in an area outside my base (cathedral), but if I try to build a roof over the stairs going down into the basement, the stairs disappear, and I can’t find any way to build new stairs. Is there any way to roof over stairs without destroying them, or am I stuck getting rained on every time I come up from the basement?


Not sure if there’s a way to put in an actual roof without it destroying the stairs, but are you sure the stairs are actually destroyed? It’s possible they’re just hidden now for some reason.

If not, you can go into the construction menu and dig a new set of stairs, I think the construction is just called “dig down” or something like that. Once you have a new set, if the roof still doesn’t work, you could make/find a vehicle frame and place it through the construction menu. Or just drag a shopping cart over. Drag it over the stairs and install a roof and aisle on the frame. It should keep out the rain and still let you use the stairs.


Thanks! Yeah, I checked, after I build the roof I can’t go down if I stand on that tile. I’ll try digging a new set of stairs and see if it keeps the roof. If not, a vehicle with a roof is a great trick. I’m just getting into construction and it’s a lot of fun! I’m gonna disassemble all the buildings and furniture in the town and build myself a fortress :laughing: