Tips, Tricks and Newb Questions: Reborn!


What are the minimum requirements for making a decent pullcart if you can’t scavenge casters or a wheelbarrow wheel? I tried making a banded cart wheel and slapping that on, but it didn’t work.


You need two wheels, caster wheels, or a unicycle wheel to avoid an unbalanced vehicle.


I assume I can’t put both normal wheels on the same frame?


You can, by the way, accurize your compound bow with a firearm/gunsmith repair kit.

Holy crap, thanks so much. I didn’t even think of accurizing the compound bow.

Okay, question. What do I do with a tank of frozen water? I remember reading something about heated tanks, but I can’t find any parts or whatever. How do I get my water?

Normally, you can pick up a pot or frying pan and heat water up from the actions menu, but I assume you mean a tank in a vehicle? Then I don’t know if you can do that. Which is kinda concerning since I’m building a 11 width by 15 length (+2 because of rams ) monstrosity myself. ( I haven’t even put half the frames in yet, but it already surpasses 6 tons of weight. )

But yeah, I don’t know anything about heated tanks/checked the whole vehicle menu and haven’t seen them either.

I assume I can’t put both normal wheels on the same frame?

Nope Pyrite. Only 1 wheel per frame, exceptions being stuff like casters, but they are single item.

Oh actually I got reminded of something. How long do you need to wait to re-ask NPCs to join you? I tried asking the starting NPC on Day 1, but she refused. I swung by 70 days later and she says I asked her recently. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ( Playing with default 91 day seasons now )


I think something botched the time code recently. Effects aren’t being recalculated properly for things outside the reality bubble.


Well then, some more on the vehicle subject.

Do you guys think just the outside should be covered in armor? ( Speaking of Military Armor of course ) or should I be my usual paranoid self and armor plate every single tile in the B.O.B. ( Which stands for Bulky Oversized Behemoth, a “pet project” of mine ) I already spent 2 in-game months and 2 in-game days making this monstrosity. 165 Heavy Duty Frames takes a while to make/cut off/transfort/weld in. I don’t want to lose it to something stupid.

Also, how practical is the 120mm Tank Cannon? I have about 12 shells or so I scavenged out of the tanks, and considering this peashooter alone weights 3 tons I have mixed feelings. The ammo is rare, but then again, I can probably one-shot anything with the depleted uranium rounds.


  1. Should you plate only the outside tiles of your vehicle or every single tile?
  2. How practical is 120mm tank cannon?
  3. What other turrets are good to use on a mobile fortress?
  4. Good sources of A vitamin? I basically have to take a multivitamin every day since I “keep strugling the finer details”. I don’t want Hypervitaminosis. I basically only eat cooked/dehydrated meat at this point.


No idea, but I plate every single one. Anyways, military composite is nothing compared to the weight of frames.

Not practical at all. Most things die when kicked in the face. All things die after being repeatedly shot from some homemade cannons (that do not use gunpowder). Tank cannons are a serious overkill.

Automated avalanche cannon is a good candidate for an auto turret, since the mag is huge and ammo is easy to find/craft PLUS (very important) you don’t need to retrieve the ammo.
Slingshot cannon, scorpion ballista, and others are more than enough to kill even juggernauts in 2-3 shots. The ammo is cheap as dirt, easy to craft, and you’ll never going to need to think about other tanks to loot.
A (turbo)laser cannon is a nice way to make things go boom using only battery power (from your vehicle, that is. That means, the energy of the sun! No ammo, very volatile explosions, but expensive to craft and prone to collateral damage.

Too bad, offal’s full of vitamin A.
Okay, so here’s the quick guide.
Vitamin A - veggies, offal, eggs.
Vitamin B12 - wheat, grain, meat, offal.
Vitamin C - fruit.
Calcium - nuts, bones, milk.
Iron - nuts, offal, meat.

There’s no such thing.


I only plated the front bumper on my machine. That and “try not to get into high speed collisions” has worked out fine for a long time. Sometimes I have to repair stuff on the back or sides when I turn into something.


First of all, intoducing Bulky Oversized Behemoth (B.O.B.):

I haven’t finished it yet, as I’ve yet to put on armor, still need more cargo carriers, need to move all my stuff etc. As for the hole in the very bottom right, I’m planning on getting a Washing Machine there, and replacing one of the minifridges with a minifreezer once I get my hands on one. I only have 9 storage batteries and only the upper and middle stow boards have 60 liter tanks ( water/clean water/diesel/gasoline/lamp oil/ammonia/bleach/whiskey etc. ) And I need a lot more solars there. I got 6 installed + 4 more on my dear Golf Cart on Crack, which was a great scavenging vehicle, I still need it to get more steel platings and military armor before I can finally discart it. It took about 3 in-game months ( aka season ) and 3 real life days of intensive gameplay to finish it up to this point. Anyway, with this out of the way:

How in the world do you get Lifting 6 to actually install the 120mm cannon? As much as I have some turret mounts ( just need to finish the actual turrets ) I still want the 120mm because:

There is no kill like overkill.

For now it’s sitting in one of my HD Stow Boards, adding nice 3 tons to my overall car weight. ( Up to 25 tons now )

Tip: Do not shoot bats with a bow in the caves if you have a base there. I lost a lot of resources that way ( like over 2k units of Duct Tape, lots of leather and felt patches, all kinds of electronics etc. )

Anyway, in short:

  1. Lifting 6, how?
  2. Also, what motor do you need to make automatic curtains? I’m planning on putting them on the windshields so I can sleep without sun getting in the way. ( And removing line of sight with zombies, since I got Camera display and 360 degree view range thanks to my cameras ( well almost, still need 1 more )


Telescopic cantilevers, boom cranes, and forklift arms should have lifting 6+.

Door motors use tiny motors now.


Huh, did not know that forklift arms actually did that


Is not happening. The curtains do block LoS, but they do nothing to block the sun. At least that’s what I get in my ride with all the curtains closed.
Also, smell. The damned Zeds can find you by smell!


Yeah, I noticed I still get lots of sun. Even in my the back of my car, where every tile is roofed, I have it lit up like a Christmas tree. You don’t need roof tiles on Stow Boards right? Or do you?

As for smell, I don’t think that’ll help. I got 2 auto Splinterguns mounted, +2 more turret mounts that await a gun as well. Unless a giant horde decided to halt my nap I do not think a random Zed or two can get close.

Ah by the way, I found a military vehicle with some weird 120mm cannon. I think it was 120mm RWS or something? I wonder what’s the difference between a normal one and this one. I do remember that it’s 300 kg heavier, so 3.3 tons. I’m really considering just rolling in there and getting it.

Also ( damn, I ask a lot of questions ) what is the cheapest way, resource-wise, to train launchers? You need 2 to install the tank cannon, and I kinda play with a self-imposed challenge, that is, I do not use skill books to level up my weapon skills and dodging.


Ask an NPC to teach you.


… I suppose I left that loophole in. But yeah, I do not do that either. I was asking more about what launcher ammo is the cheapest to make.


Uhm, flamethrower liquids, I suppose? Try making spraycan flamethrowers also.


Flamethrowers and chemical sprayers. Napalm is only moderately tedious to make, sprayable fungicide isn’t too bad if you can find sulfur.


[quote=“KiBoy, post:54, topic:16870”]
Unless a giant horde decided to halt my nap I do not think a random Zed or two can get close.[/quote]

Just be aware that turrets won’t shoot things in the dark. You’ll have to run some lights on the outside or Zs can just walk up and start whomping on your vehicle all they want.


Okay, question. Why do I have a -325$ malus for every barter? The trader in another refugee center does not have this thing.
upd: did not have. he has a -135$ now.


Just be aware that turrets won’t shoot things in the dark. You’ll have to run some lights on the outside or Zs can just walk up and start whomping on your vehicle all they want.

Duly noted. I still need to install the lightning system in my B.O.B. but waiting until I can get my hands on some floodlights.

As for you Rose, no clue. Never had something like that before.

We use the same weapon though. ^^